We define technology-based startups operating in Türkiye with a valuation of 1 Billion Dollars as Turcorn.

The Program provides special support to a certain number of firms that have the potential to become Turcorn so that they can scale up and achieve their global goals.

There are two ways for applications eligibility.

1) Sales revenue: If the startup is established after 2012 and the average net sales revenue is at least 15 million TL for the last 3 years and the average net sales revenue growth rate of the last 3 years is above 30 percent.


2) Investment: if the startup has received a minimum investment of 100,000 dollars in the last 3 years with a valuation of at least 2 Million Dollars in 3 years and whose average net sales revenue growth rate of the last 3 years is above 30 percent

You can apply.

You can apply for the Turcorn 100 Program as a startup representative or as an authorized person via the Application tab on the main page.

Startups that pass the preliminary evaluation will be submitted to the Jury for evaluation within 60 workdays at the latest.

If your application passes the preliminary examination successfully, the jury evaluates the startup according to the criteria of R&D capacity, innovative and original aspects of the outputs, its contribution to technological development on a national and global scale, the economic and social impact it creates, the growth performance of the startup and its scaling potential.

National and international guides that will help you achieve your goal of becoming a Turcorn, an acceleration program tailored to your needs, and the Turcorn 100 program support, where you can reach other Startup Stars like you, will be offered through this program.

What’s Next?