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National Technology Entrepreneurship Strategy is Published

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27 October 2022

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has published a circular on the “National Strategy for Startups” in order to increase the speed of development of technology entrepreneurship and further strengthen the ecosystem in this field.

In the circular published in the Official Curriculum, President Erdoğan stated that the activities and progress towards realizing the ‘National Technology Move’, which aims at the technological breakthrough at the national level by developing and producing high value-added and critical technological products with domestic and national means, gained momentum.

Emphasizing that one of the most important fields of activity in this process is technology-based entrepreneurship, Erdoğan stated:

“Innovative, high value-added startups have become the pioneers of the economic and social value generation process with their rapid growth potential and global market opening capacity. The successful performance of national technology startups in the recent period also highlights the importance of this field and the potential of our country. In this respect, the ‘National Strategy for Startups, prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in cooperation with the relevant stakeholders, in order to increase the development rate of technology entrepreneurship and further strengthen the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem, will be published on the official website of the Ministry (”

President Erdoğan requested that all kinds of support and assistance that may be needed in the studies to be carried out within the scope of the National Strategy for Startups should be carried out sensitively by the relevant institutions and organizations.

Roadmap of Technology Entrepreneurship

The National Strategy of Stratups which takes the role of being the roadmap of technology entrepreneurship, is prepared to create a highly competitive technology entrepreneurship ecosystem in the international arena and to make our country a center of attraction for startups and it is the first and most comprehensive framework policy document in this specific field.

30 Strategies and 90 Actions

Prepared by the Ministry of Industry and Technology with the contribution and participation of relevant public institutions and organizations and civil actors, the Strategy includes 30 strategies and 90 actions that consider the dynamics of the technology entrepreneurship ecosystem and require all actors of the ecosystem to take an active role.

National Technology Initiative Vision

Prepared with the vision of the National Technology Initiative, this guiding document lays out the strategies for Accessible Financial Instruments, Opportunistic Policy, Talent and Encouraging Culture, Leading and Pioneered Inclusive Supports and Entrepreneurship-Friendly Market Conditions. In addition, it not only supports an ecosystem-specific development, but also focuses on progress in the fields of Equal Opportunity, Sustainable Living, Investment in the Future of Youth and Focus Development, which are important for the development of the country.

Entrepreneurship Council

The Entrepreneurship Council is formed to monitor and manage the strategy prepared with a participatory approach. Within the scope of the strategy, a Women’s Entrepreneurship Initiative is also being launched in order to enable women to unleash their potential in entrepreneurship and in the economic field, under equal conditions. The National Strategy for Startups invites all stakeholders of the ecosystem to be a partner in this vision and motivation and to contribute to the “Startup for the Future Initiative”.

5 Thousand Angel Investors


Until 2025 with the National Strategy for Startups; 15 Turcorns and 5 Decacorns, 5 thousand angel investors, 2.5 billion TL crowdfunding, to be among the 20 most developed ecosystems in the world, 5 billion TL public support to the ecosystem and 2.5 billion $ venture capital investment are aimed to be achieved.


100 Thousand Startups


Until 2030; it is is aimed to be among the top 10 most developed ecosystems in the world, to make Istanbul one of the world’s top 20 hubs for entrepreneurship, and to have 100 thousand startups.

Detailed information on the National Strategy for Startups can be found at

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