Bilişim Vadisi

Who is?

The intellectual foundations of Turkey’s Bilişim Vadisi (Informatics Valley) were laid in 2011, and the physical foundations were laid in 2015. Vadi, which started operations in 2019, has become Turkey’s largest technology development region as of 2021. Bilişim Vadisi continues to work with the aim of achieving the full economic and technological independence of Turkey in order to realize the vision of the National Technology Move. In this context, Vadi functions as an important bridge in transferring Turkey’s success in the defense industry to civilian technologies. Bilişim Vadisi is a platform where science turns into technology and technology turns into a product and commercializes it. Within the scope of this platform, studies are carried out to strengthen the ecosystem in the categories of Mobility, Connection Technologies, Cyber ​​Security, Design Technologies, Smart Cities and Gaming Technologies, each of which has its own clusters and aims to ensure the technological production.


Civil Technologies


Connection Technologies

Cyber ​​Security

Design Technologies

Smart Cities

Gaming Technologies