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Trendyol, which was established in 2010 to provide its customers and sellers with a perfect e-commerce experience, is today Turkey’s leading e-commerce company, one of the world’s leading platforms, and also Turkey’s first Decacorn. Trendyol also supports women’s participation in the digital economy, domestic production and producers, by digitizing tradespeople and SMEs, making them reach more customers and helping them grow their businesses. Thus, it makes a significant contribution to the growth of the country’s economy and to the increase of employment.

Trendyol continues to grow and create value with Trendyol Tech, one of the leading R&D centers of our country, Trendyol Express, the fastest growing transportation network, Trendyol Go, which provides grocery and food delivery services, and Dolap, the largest second-hand product platform.

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Guiding the entrepreneurs with methods such as training, consultancy and mentoring with their managers and employees.

Making its business relations and business networks accessible to enterprises