Yatırım Ofisi

Who is?

T.C. Yatırım Ofisi (Investment Office) is the only official institution that has undertaken the task of promoting the investment opportunities offered by Turkey to the global business world and supporting investors at every stage of their investment in Turkey. Operating directly under the President, the Yatırım Ofisi is tasked with promoting investments that will accelerate Turkey’s economic development. For this purpose, Yatırım Ofisi; supports technology-intensive, high value-added and employment-creating investments, and accelerates all processes related to these investments on behalf of the investor.

Yatırım Ofisi is operating around the world; It provides services to investors with its local consultant network located in countries such as USA, Germany, United Arab Emirates, China, France, South Korea, England, Spain, Italy, Japan, Qatar, Malaysia, Singapore and Saudi Arabia. Yatırım Ofisi also welcomes investors with a one-stop office approach and facilitates investors to obtain the highest level of efficiency from their investments in Turkey with its wide range of services. The expert staff of the Yatırım Ofisi provides services to investors in many languages, including English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Japanese and Chinese.


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