Who is?

As Hepsiburada, we are one of the well-established, innovative and pioneering companies of e-commerce. We accompany our customers’ daily lives in a reliable, innovative and purpose-oriented manner and lead the digitalization of commerce. As Turkey’s Hepsiburada, we are proud to be the first Turkish company listed on the Nasdaq stock exchange. With its innovative technology focus, Hepsiburada has a deep-rooted history as the address of firsts. The Hepsiburada ecosystem; HepsiJet and HepsiLojistik, which provide final delivery and order fulfillment services; Hepsiburada Market, which provides grocery products delivery service; Hepsiburada Travel, which provides airline ticket sales services; HepsiAd, which provides advertising services; and HepsiPay, which provides payment services. In addition to import operations, HepsiGlobal also enables Turkey-based sellers to sell abroad. Thanks to our services that make our customers’ lives easier, we are the most recommended e-commerce company in Turkey.





1 Billion $ +

The online shopping platform Hepsiburada was founded by Hanzade Doğan Boyner in 1998 in İstanbul. Considered as one of the largest e-commerce companies in the region covering Eastern Europe, Middle East, Africa (EEMEA) and Russia, Hepsiburada is also referred as the “Amazon of the East”.[1] The e-commerce website, which plays an important role in the digitization of Turkey, has the largest and most advanced e-commerce infrastructure in Turkey with monthly shipments of over 2 million products. [2] With the investment it received in 2015 from Abraaj Group, known for its investments in growing global markets, the company took its place among Turcorns, reaching a valuation of $3.9 billion in 2021 with its IPO on the Nasdaq stock exchange, where the shares of major technology companies are traded. [3]

Deemed as one of the most important levers of digitalization in Turkey, Hepsiburada sets an example for the Turkish entrepreneurship ecosystem with its achievements. Founder Hanzade Doğan Boyner, who was declared “one of the most successful female technology entrepreneurs in the world” by Forbes magazine, is also a source of inspiration for female entrepreneurs. [4] With the corporate policy to encourage female entrepreneurship, Hepsiburada establishes partnerships with female-led companies and female vendors across Turkey, enabling these businesses to enter the market.


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